Custom monthly packages just for you – a busy business owner

Valuable all-inclusive monthly packages decreasing time you spend on accounting and paperwork. Our goal is not to be the cheapest. Our goal is to be the best!



Why You Want To Work With Us:

– timely, forward thinking advice
– online solutions to save you time
– periodic business reviews
– record keeping best practices

Tax Planning

Proven strategies that will save you money so you can invest in the things you care about

As a small business owner or a high net worth individual, you stand by helplessly every year as Uncle Sam confiscates a huge portion of your earnings for his own coffers.

The way to fight back? You already know the answer: reduce your tax liability by the maximum amount allowed by the tax law.


Why You Want To Work With Us:
– tax savings every year
– best practices to ensure compliance
– tax-code section citations

Tax Preparation

Peace of mind that your taxes are done correctly the first time

Are you thinking to file your tax return using some online tax service? They promise the world, for less than a hundred bucks. These companies don’t give a hoot about the taxpayer. To them, it’s just another user. Another cheap return.


Why You Want To Work With Us:
– web based tools to save time
– tax returns filed on time
– accurate tax estimates
– tax concepts explained in plain English

Running your business probably includes more work than you signed up for. In other words, everyday accounting, quarterly estimates, annual taxes, etc. are all part of what you have to do to prosper. It shouldn’t be this complicated to run a business. Our accounting and tax solutions will support you and allow you to focus on the parts of your business that you love. Above all, we clarify your accounting and usually increase your refund, allowing you to serve more clients with confidence and profit.